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Dreamware Tech Team

Over the years of working in the retail industry we saw a common issue of tech related products being sold at exorbitant prices and frequently using unsustainable packaging. Our growing frustration towards this led us to start our own tech company – one could say that’s where the dream began.

Our brand’s identity was built upon a dream, literally.

In late December of 2017 a crew member had a dream that stuck with her and never left. She remembered walking through a field of wheat and noticing that the sky was a brilliant blue, the kind of blue that could only be seen in dreams. We knew that these elements were meant for Dreamware, and thus our visual identity came into being.

The symbolic meaning of wheat is love and charity, and the harvest signifies the community. We believe that sowing the seeds of ethics will reap harvests of lasting, meaningful relationships within the community.

Dreamware maintains moral and ethical standards in everything we do - from sustainable practices to community outreach - we have made it our mission to deliver ethical, fair based pricing to the South African IT market.