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Dreamware Tech Team

Hey there, dreamer! We're honoured to have you visit dreamwaretech.co.za.

You've probably clicked on this page wondering, "who is Dreamware?"

So, a little about us: We're a husband and wife team that do our best work together with a fierce passion for tech, outstanding service, and of course, chocolate. This entire business idea came into being entirely out of a dream that we didn’t know could ever come to life. Together we shared the same dream for our business, but a wildly faithful and fearless husband turned that dream into a total reality.

With an academic background in visual design and marketing, we were able to learn the retail side of things in the family business. Our time spent working there as a team was an important stepping stone, preparing us for what was to come; Brent naturally assuming the role of IT technician, and myself in the graphic design department. Through this experience, we saw a common issue of tech-related products being sold at exorbitant prices and frequently using unsustainable packaging. Our frustration towards this, coupled with our eagerness to disrupt the sub-par service culture that permeated the industry, led us to start our own tech company.

Dreamware was founded on the principle of doing tech differently. In an industry that can oftentimes feel cold and impersonal, we made it our mission to create a memorable experience for our customers. We're always eager to go the extra mile, sneak in an extra chocolate or two for our regulars, and assist in whatever way we possibly can to make the process, well, a dreamy one.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit our site, you're so appreciated. We hope to make your tech dreams come true soon and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at info@dreamwaretech.co.za or drop us a WhatsApp on 087 822 2813.

To infinity and beyond,
Jess & Brent Raftopoulos